Over the past three weeks, OneWellnessPlace.com delivered relevant content to announce the latest addition to their product line, a pharmaceutical grade good bacteria, OWP Probiotics.

LP Media Global, INC was deeply involved in the content creation, scheduling and follow up on all interactive marketing touch points.

Dr. Bryan W. Scott, PharmD began the campaign with a personalized letter (http://bit.ly/cUZn0f) describing with anticipation the types of content that would be delivered to subscribers.  This included several articles, twitter feeds, facebook announcements and a seminar at Scotts Pharmacy in Macon, GA.

Dr. Scott provides valuable information and tools to Look Better, Feel Better and Be Better.  Maybe you will be inspired to purchase a few bottles of the OWP Probiotics.

Please take some time to review the all the OneWellnessPlace.com Probiotic content.


Pharmaceutical Grade Good Bacteria: OWP Probiotics

OneWellnessPlace.com Blog

The campaign included the following article topics (click titles to view post):

Letter from Dr. Scott

Yeast infections? One Wellness Place Probiotics Can Help!!!

Probiotics 101 by Dr. Bryan W. Scott

OWP Virtual Video Premiere

Stop Missing Work Days because of Your Sick Children

Healthy Summer Travel

Probiotics & Eczema

Constipation Shouldn’t be Constant

Is Your Gut Leaky

OWP Event


OWP Twitter

OWP FaceBook

OWP YouTube


Visit OneWellnessPlace.com and learn more and purchase OWP Probiotics

Pharmaceutical Grade Good Bacteria: OWP Probiotics

  • We absolutely LOVED working this campaign with OneWellnessPlace.com. Dr Scott is a joy and wealth of knowledge. We could not ask for a better SME. I asked him for content, and we received more than we could ever imagine.

    I am eager and excited to begin the next campaign.


    Michelle T. Heatley

  • Great Work!!! Dr. Scott must’ve been a wealth of information on probiotics because this campaign is filled with tons of diverse content.

    KUDOS LP Media Global and OneWellnessPlace.com

    Faith Aljon