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At the time of this recording, over 300 people worldwide have downloaded our Convert2Customers Checklist, the free tool to Drive Traffic, Convert Leads and Close Customers. With the checklist, everyone receives a FREE 6 week email course that walks through each of the 10 steps in detail.

The checklist covers the following topics:

  1. Define value proposition to potential customers
  2. Deliver content offerings that deliver value
  3. Develop high impact engaging landing pages
  4. Use high converting call to actions
  5. Upgrade your email marketing strategy
  6. Go Social or Go Home
  7. Nurture your leads with workflows
  8. Have a defined sales process; Use CRM
  9. Offer a demo and free trial
  10. Track, report and analyze performance

There is A LOT of information! So this week, I hosted a LIVE Q&A via FB Live in our Savvy Entrepreneur Private FB Group.

Check out the replay here. Message me with any questions. 

(Skip to around 3 minutes to really get started)


If you haven’t downloaded the checklist, do so here:

Download Your Checklist to Drive Traffic. Convert Leads and Close Customers