Filipa Thespian utilizes her talents through various avenues virtually and in the real world. During this interview we focused on her works in Nu Vibez Mag. Filipa’s passion is evident throughout her responses and her syntax. There are an eclectic mix of articles inside of this magazine including an ode to celebrities such as Robin Williams. There are hardly any topics that are not grazed upon throughout this highly-professional editorial. It is my honor to offer you more information on Miss Thespian & her affiliations with Nu Vibez Magazine!

Aaliyah L. M. Divarco: What attracted you to blogging on Second Life?

Filipa Thespian: I write because there is purpose. I love purpose and I love having something at the end of my time to show for my time. Blogging is a way to share your thoughts, your ideas, your message with an interested group of people and there is a lot of reward in the results. Blogging also gives you an opportunity to mold the minds of people, to alter perceptions, to get on your soapbox and get off your chest, what you need to say. Better than doing so on voice, the art of blogging [writing] gives you the opportunity to really think through what you’re trying to say, to gently sculpt it into the articulate, well formed prose that really makes heads turn. Think about it, when we’re talking, once the words fly from my mouth to your ear, ‘the damage is done.’ But when I’m quietly writing and thinking through what I want to say, I can go back, rework it, rethink it, sometimes re-mold my own opinion, and make a much better impression on you in the end.

Aaliyah L. M. Divarco: In your October 2014 articles, you showcased two of Second Life’s amazing builders and creators. Their brand was particularly unique and innovative. What was the motivation behind giving the spotlight to NV Jewelry?

Filipa Thespian: I cannot stress enough how when a truly unique and innovative, high quality product with a great creator with great personality (or creators in this case) cross my path, I feel the need to tell the world. It’s far too common to find people knocking stuff off, just tossing out quantity of pre-bought mesh with no personal touch to it just for the cash … that is when I see uniqueness, thought, creativity, ingenuity AND, in this case, a way to keep my jewelry on when I go to high lag intensive events, I feel the need to tell the world!

Aaliyah L. M. Divarco: This synergy that is produced from the marriage of Second Life and “First Life” is impeccable. From Oscar De La Renta to Robin Williams, we can inform ourselves on Real Life news while enjoying the creative wonders of Second Life! Whose idea was it to integrate the “two worlds”?

Filipa Thespian: Well, the driving mission of our overall corporate goal is bringing the two together where they benefit each other. The credit though, must start with my partner, Scorpinosis Nightfire. The man is a positive genius to be honest. He knew how to cultivate my skills, my own vision and my own drive to accomplish great things and inspire even more from me. We make a really great team and have often been told that I’m a female version of him. We felt it important to share things such as the articles written by our resident psychologist as so many things happen in SL that really do affect our psyche’s; we feel it’s important to enrich the lives of SL residents while also drawing in a non SL based audience where we can have an opportunity to share with them too, the virtual experience that they likely haven’t had experience with as of yet.

Aaliyah L. M. Divarco: Please tell me more about “Made to Model” the television show & the casting process?

Filipa Thespian: Right now, we are in the casting registration phase for the Made to Model television show, a reality tv show where 14 models live together in a house. They are given challenges that also teach them about modeling and one is eliminated each episode. At the end we have the new Made to Model champion. Once casting is done, we’ll begin filming, slated for June. The entire season will be filmed, to be released in a late summer season on As part of this, we are incorporating Visionaire’s photographers in various challenges. Also in tandem with all of this, Nu Vibez will be launching a huge new format in June featuring Visionaire’s students, incorporating Roleplay Guide Magazine into it’s pages as a section, and even having the Made to Model portion to keep readers up on everything that’s going on with the show and all the juicy dirt!!

Aaliyah L. M. Divarco: In your July Edition, there is a photography contest. Do you have contests that are up and running for 2015? If so, is there a means of contact for someone interested to apply?

Filipa Thespian: This year, The Visionaire Institute, one of SL’s leading photography schools in my opinion, moved into our sim. We have been building an amazing relationship between them and all our brands actually, creating opportunities for their students and graduates to learn and find work. We are working with Visionaire as well, to organize some more really nifty photography contests. So yes, there will be more photography opportunities coming up! If anyone has anything they wish to submit to add to the publication, They should include their full perm image with the story of how that image came to be (inspiration etc), credits to all the creators within and send it to me directly.

Aaliyah L. M. Divarco: Are there any future plans for this astounding, creative magazine in 2015?

Filipa Thespian: Definitely, 2015 is shaping up to be rather mind blowing for Nu Vibez. We’re finalizing all of this tonight actually, so you’re the first to get the dirt lol. We are going to be incorporating our various brands more tightly into Nu Vibez such as “The Clubbing Connection” section in which we review clubs who are VIP members of our brand, The Clubbing Connection. We’ll also discuss topics that are relevant to clubs and clubbing from marketing to dj’s from finding great clubbing attire to outfitting a hot club with the right tech. We made the decision just last night actually, to merge Roleplay Guide Magazine into Nu Vibez as a detailed segment rather than trying to publish two different magazines thereby increasing audience reach and publication value while making it possible to continue serving the needs of that audience as well. There are others but we’re still pulling that plan together. The new format of Nu Vibez is slated to launch in May with the hot Made to Model feature.

Aaliyah L. M. Divarco: I want to open the virtual floor to you & allow you to inform the public, virtual and all others respectively, about your business ventures and your brand. What are you currently working on business-wise in Second Life?

Filipa Thespian: Our brands cover many forms of media that include the magazine, television (, radio (, Television Production, Public Relations and Marketing, helping businesses to understand and incorporate avatars and thus, virtual worlds, into their marketing and customer support arsenals and so much more. When talking about RL, between Scorp and I, we have a lot of ties in the entertainment industry from music to theatre, from movies to magicians and we utilize all of our virtual brands within our work we do for these entertainers and entertainment businesses. In the end, everything is about getting the message out to a responsive and accepting audience and there’s no more magnificent an audience than those who live in these amazing Virtual Worlds. Those who live in Second Life and worlds like it, are amazing people, we’re first adopters, we’re adventurous, we’re creative thinkers, we’re engaging and want to be engaged in great events and thirst for knowledge, relationships and fun!

Aaliyah L. M. Divarco: If anyone needs to speak with you about any of your business ventures, being apart of the staff, or your co-workers at Nu Vibez Mag, who should they contact & where can they seek more information?

Filipa Thespian: We’re really gearing up for a heavy work load year, with some seriously exciting opportunities and are in need of more staff. If you or your readers know of good writers, graphic artists, machinimists, even assistants to share the load with … we’re looking! Especially for Nu Vibez with staff writers, contributing writers, graphic artists and photographers. Our main website ( is a great place to start, but in world people are welcome to contact me or Scorpinosis Nightfire. If email is preferred, please send it to where we will both see it. In-World please leave a notecard if we are not online. We don’t want to miss a thing our readers and fans want to say to us!!!

Ladies and Gentelmen on behalf of VIRTUALVillage Media, we thank Filipa Thespian for gracing the public with her artistic talents!