Pinterest to Grow Business

Ben Silbermann, the CEO of Pinterest, retweets, Surfing Pinterest, a fresh cup of coffee at my side, kids playing happily on the porch. Every morning should begin this way -Jennifer Fulwiler

PINTEREST is a social media platform where users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as “pins”. Pins are collected and categorized into groups known as “boards”. PINTEREST is used by some of the world’s largest brands to engage current and potential customers, while also helping small businesses grow their brand.

VIRTUALVillage Media hosts monthly workshops to assist business owners and brand managers with growing their business. Each workshop provides insights on marketing for a range of business; from small businesses to non-profit organizations right up to large businesses and organizations.

On Wednesday the 17th of June 2015, our Social Media Marketing Series shined the spotlight on this creative, innovative, and engaging platform. Combining highly visual imagery and intriguing art, PINTEREST is definitely an assist for building businesses.

Pinterest to Build Business

So just how do you use PINTEREST to build your brand?

That’s a really good question, let’s have a look at the key points raised in the PINTEREST Social Media Workshop!

Your Profile is Your Brand!

When writing your profile on PINTEREST be sure to capture the essence of your brand. You’ve already done the groundwork in your marketing plan so you can essentially take your key points and add a little flair!

Consider answering these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do/offer?
  • Where can they find you?

Sell Your Value, Not Your Accomplishments. Offer Compelling Content and Educate.

While your accomplishments are amazingly fantastic, they don’t belong on your PINTERESTInstead focus on how you can make life easier for your customer. Provide the solution to the question they may or may not know they need to be asking!

Create boards to categorize your answers. For instance a tech company might have some boards like “Tech How To” or “Using Tech in Everyday Life”. Boards that have been categorized and named correctly will help users not only find your products, but products you recommend.

You guessed it, helpful pins and boards will build the customer’s trust in you and lead to them returning!

Do Not Pitch! Instead Educate, Entertain, and Give Examples.

Pitches are great for baseball, but they don’t work too well on PINTEREST.

Think about creating an infographic to pin on one of your “How To” boards or create a funny image that engages your customers!

Short and succinct will not only get noticed, but will be well received.

Create Quality Content (appealing and colorful images)

Use graphs, infographics, blog posts and other informative ways to communicate your ideas! Pin this awesome content to your relevant boards to help promote this remarkable content!
Create beautiful images rich in color to draw people in and pique their curiosity even before the read a word of your information.

Build and Nurture Relationships

Social media marketing hinges on the keyword social. Spend time talking with people, engaging with them and discussing interesting things. It doesn’t always have to be about your business or organization either. Having a more human face on business helps people connect with you and, in turn, will generate more leads.

Build Your Audience

  • Join collaborative boards on PINTEREST!
  • Create your own collaborative boards and invite other people in your field to join.
  • Share pins you like that help answer those questions your clients are asking!
  • Follow people as well as other businesses and organizations.

Host a Pinterest Contest

Who doesn’t love a great contest!?

Pinterest contests are a great tool to generate even more interest in your business! Utilise online tools to manage the contest to streamline the process. Be engaging, have fun and let your customers know they’re valued.

By incorporating these key points your business will grow, simply by using PINTEREST!

Please watch the VIRTUAL Workshop (webinar) for more details on these key points!

If the VIRTUAL Workshop isn’t enough for you — it wasn’t enough for us either! — you can view the slideshow here: