Full transparency!  I do not like the word “free”  I do not like to give away free stuff and honestly, Im a little hesitant to accept free stuff too.  

I remember when I bought my first set of pots and pans while a freshman in college.  The set cost me $19.95 and I was soooo excited.  I will never forget the words of a very wise woman, my grandmother, “You get what you pay for.”.  And boy was that the truth!  About a week later my scrambled eggs were sticking to the pan and no more than a month or so after purchase, the rust started to peek through. haha!

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This step is less about giving away stuff for free and more about allowing your prospects to experience your product or service.  You want them to experience or picture themselves living with the benefits of using your product or service.  

So with that said, as one of my trusted advisors Stu Mclaren says, “People who pay, pay attention.”

This means, offering a discounted rate or short term trial, no more than 7 days, can be a benefit.  The key is to vet your prospect to be sure there is a genuine interest prior to just giving away stuff for free.  Have they visited your website, downloaded a freebie, purchased a product?  These are some ways to test genuine interest.

Ways to deliver trials or demos include:
– Beta Invitations
– Rewards Programs
– Short Trial
– Samples

I shared this information and a little more in the Live Q&A Video.

Drive Traffic, Convert Leads and Close Customers 
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  • I guess it is base to give them a little taste of product if you want readers to keep coming back.

    • It is a great value add and can possible close a customer that is on the fence 😀