ART & POETRY (Personal Expression)

ART & POETRY (Personal Expression)
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“The End of the Beginning”

‘I feel pushing and pulling, one more and it’s tore…
My Body and Spirit… Ripping from this internal war.

Will this battle ever end?

“Please God, Make me a Bird…
So I can fly FAR FAR AWAY from Here.”
Forever running, never finding peace…
I know this can’t be my destiny.
Lost and Confused, each day I go on… and on… and…

I wake up in a sweat… Tears in my eyes…
Cursing my mind and all of her lies.
I FEAR failure, constantly Dreaming, NEVER Succeeding…
Forever searching for life’s true meaning.

Will I sore with the birds? Climb new heights?
Is that meant to be?
Or crawl upon my belly, hated by all who see me?

Am I destined for greatness, to change mankind?
Or is this strong euphoric feeling all in my mind?

I have big dreams…
They stretch above the mountains and across the seas!!!
I have big dreams…
Spreading throughout the stars and beyond galaxies.

I envision days of Peace, because of the touch of my hand…
The Lord’s Plan… Perfect and Grand!!!

Love, CheLLe’ 🙂

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