KGB is a new text version of Google… you send in a topic or questions and the service responds with the best results via text message. Approaching the Super Bowl 2010, these ads have increased market share on all networks and has even had an ad banned.

The original speculation was that Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) would debut in the Super Bowl 2010 advertisement(1). After future research, I learned that KGB will not premiere there ad due to a CBS ban for inappropriate content (2).

KGB has a STRONG marketing stance and as a new company attempts to create ads with serious “shock value”. This time it has failed and there attempt to market via the Super Bowl has been denied.

I suggest that KGB use other methods of marketing i.e. social media and partner with cellular phone companies. When Google strategized to dominate the market, it created strategic partnerships with man ISPs to be used a default.


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