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On Saturday, June 24, 2017, VIRTUAL World Business Association had the pleasure of welcoming a virtual celebrity to our mist, the incomparable Ambrosia Kamala. As a singer, writer, blogger, poet, and talk show host of Ambrosia LIVE, she has been able to tap into her creativity and bring her talents to our virtual community. In doing so, she has mastered the arts of networking, branding, and marketing to not only propel her own career, but to share with others who have similar dreams.

During Ambrosia’s speech, she shared her story of coming to the virtual world, Second Life, more than 8 years ago, and finding herself. Ambrosia realized that Second Life gave her the opportunity to share her real life talents with a new audience, all from the comforts of her home. However, she quickly realized that time and effort had to be spent cultivating friendships and relationships, which are the key to any successful virtual business. In addition, Ambrosia learned about the importance of branding her business to generate the audience she wanted.

Following Ambrosia’s inspiring story, and a brief Q&A session with our audience members, we were honored with a live musical performance by Say Amamu. His soothing voice definitely had all the ladies swooning!

On behalf of Faith, Aurora and myself, we want to send our sincere appreciation to Ambrosia Kamala and Say Imamu for and uplifting and entertaining event. Also, we would be amiss if we did not thank our members and audience for their attendance.

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Thank you,

VWBA Management

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