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“Like tracking your vital signs, it is important to constantly assess the health of your interactive marketing results.” – Michelle Morton

I am really into data and numbers. You can see the heath of a company just by reviewing monthly metrics reports. You can use metrics to answer the most vital questions in your business:

Where are we spending our marketing dollars and are we getting a return on investment?

Where are we spending our time? Time is money. Have we seen a return on investment on the time spent on social media, networking events, blogging, etc?

Where do most of our customers come from? Are they repeat buyers? Are we maximizing the opportunity to delight our customers and turn them into advocates?

#1 Track = Track visitors, open rates, followers, sales. Use any tool: Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Hubspot. Just Track!

#2 Report = Consolidate the info into a monthly dashboard for easy communication and consumption.

#3 Analyze – Alone or with your team, review the your report at least monthly and annually. There is nothing worse than collecting all this data and not acting on it.

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  • Alexa McLain

    Analyzing is so important! Thanks for sharing!