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During the month of May VIRTUALVillage Media is focusing on all aspects of Non-Profit Organizations. This week we’re going to take an in-depth look at why blogging is essential for Non-Profit Organizations and how they are able to utilize blogging to increase membership, general awareness of their cause and donations.

A well written and maintained blog is a Non-Profit Organization’s biggest selling point, it’s the place people can go to read what events the organization is hosting or participating in, as well as things the organization is currently doing to raise awareness for their cause. A blog is the place where people connect with organizations. By making these connections Non-Profit Organizations are giving these people the opportunity to participate in the exciting things the organization is doing. In turn, those people will help spread the word and engage even more people; they become the Non-Profit Organizations unofficial representatives simply because they have taken up the organization’s call to action.

In 2013 American’s gave $335.17 billion to charities, that was an increase of 4.4% from 2011. An enormous $50.28 billion of that went to Non-Profit Organizations, which was a 5.7% increase from 2011. The most important thing to note, almost as important as those huge figures, is that small Non-Profit Organizations grew their online giving the most and they did that by utilizing their biggest and most effective tool; blogging.

Non-Profit Organizations, indeed companies in general, that blog get a staggering 55% more website visitors than those who don’t blog. That’s 55% more chances to turn visitors into leads, 55% more opportunities to reach one more person who will take up the organizations call to action and, potentially, donate. That also means there’s an extra 55% chance that those people will become members of the organizations website, thereby increasing the organizations reach exponentially.

Social Media is the hook, the avenue by which people hear about the organization and their cause. Blogging is how those people become engaged with the Non-Profit Organization. They learn about the organization and they discover how they can get involved — the call to action — and why the organization is raising awareness for their cause. The blog is where people get to know the Non-Profit Organization and the reason people will return to the website or subscribe to the blogs RSS feed.
It’s important to note that simply having a blog is not enough, the content needs to be fresh and relevant to the audience the Non-Profit Organization is trying to reach.

Blogging for Non-Profit Organizations is also beneficial for creating a strong online presence, which increases peoples trust in the organization. Being trustworthy is an important attribute for Non-Profit Organizations as people want to be assured their donations are going towards the cause they support. Trust is built by the complete transparency of the Non-Profit Organization, which is most easily achieved by — you guessed it — blogging. Those who have placed trust in a Non-Profit Organization will not only use their social media networks to generate interest in the organization but will also use their own blogs to actively post about the organizations cause, their own contribution to the cause and a call to action on behalf of the Non-Profit Organization.

By utilizing all of these tools from social media networks to blogging the Non-Profit Organization is doing everything they can to raising awareness for their cause, increase membership and donations are higher for those Non-Profit Organizations that have, and maintain, an active blog.

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