Bitcoin, Digital Currencies, Virtual Worlds and Oculus Rift

by Joyce Bettencourt


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Joyce Bettencourt, also know as Rhiannon Chatnoir, joins the internet radio show, “Talk with Marie” on BlogTalkRadio, to discuss digital currencies, virtual worlds, Oculus, Nonprofit Commons and VWBPE conference.

Joyce Bettencourt acts as the community manager for Nonprofit Commons in Second Life and is also the Founder and President of AvaCon, a nonprofit organization connecting the metaverse.


Virtual Worlds, like Second Life, allow residents to exchange real money for virtual currency. The Second Life platform calls their virtual currency linden dollars, named after the parent company Linden Labs.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is not tied to a specific platform.  There has been tons of controversy recently over the use of Bitcoin, domestically and internationally.  The fear of illegal and terrorist use of the digital currency keeps the government involved, acting as big brother.  Even with the federal and legislative attention, real life businesses are starting to accept Bitcoin in exchange of real life services.

The interview is great.  Joyce dives deep into new federal regulations that may effect you, especially if you have a Bitcoin account with a substantial budget.  Can you say TAXES?

After you listen to the great interview, check out the video below to learn more about Bitcoin.

Joyce then dives into the new CEO of Linden Labs, the new projects of the former CEO and Founder  of Linden Labs and the new acquisition of Oculus Rift.

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