Isn’t it amazing?

After all of these years, email still converts best when it comes to digital marketing communication. A study by Gigaom Research showed that marketers consistently rank email as the number one digital marketing tactic for awareness, acquisition, retention and conversion.

Here are 10 tips to upgrade your email marketing strategy:

  1. Be Authentic: Send personalized, beautiful emails that your audience will look forward to receiving.
  1. Mobile: More and more emails and websites are viewed on mobile devices than ever.  Be sure your messages look and feel amazing on your mobile devices.
  1. Rinse and Repeat: Measure which messages are most effective.  Keep these tactics in mind to reuse.
  1. Keep your list healthy and up to date.  Bounced and undelivered emails will negatively impact your reputation with email service providers (esp).
  1. Stay away from spam keyword in subject line.  ESPs will flag your email immediately for some of the following words: Free, Amazing, Act Now, Limited Time, Buy, Cash, Insurance, Winner, $$$, !!!.
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Ok, lets dive back in…
  1. Make a clear and memorable impact with every message.  Each message should have a clear message.  Only include images, links and video that are relevant to that message.
  1. Do not overload with images.  Imagery is great, attractive and attention grabbing.  Unfortunately, they are also  tools of the bad guys, hackers, spammers, etc.  To keep your audience from overload and the email service providers from flagging your message, use images sparingly.
  1. Always include a call to action (CTA).  Providing useful information is the way to keep your audience engaged.  But in order to move them along to your objective, include a call to action in every email. 
  1. NEVER pressure your audience into a purchase! Email marketing is ALL about building and nurturing relationships.  When was the last time you made the car salesman your bff?  Sell value and leave the sales pitch for the end of the email or for sales specific emails.
  1. Follow CAN-SPAM guidelines.  Ratified in 2003, the CAN-SPAN act was enacted to protect us all from unwanted email.  In order to protect yourself and your brand from up to $16,000 per email in fines, include the following:

Accurate subject line.  Don’t mislead readers.

A actual and real mailing address.

A return email address that your audience can reply to.

IMPORTANT: The ability to opt-out.  It is so painful to get the unsubscribe message… but a necessary insert to keep out of the hot seat.

Download Your Checklist to Drive Traffic. Convert Leads and Close Customers
These are just a few tips to help upgrade your email marketing strategy… there are so many more.   Join us over at the Savvy Entrepreneur Private Facebook Community  (Click Here) to really engage with other small business owners and entrepreneurs.